We met at a funeral. Because of course we did. She arrived after the memorial portion and right before the bands started to play. I watched her walk into the loud and crowded theater lobby and felt the room light up. I played it cool for a little while. Or at least my version of […]

  My dad died on February 9 this year. I made it into his hospital room just in time to see his final breath. I had been rehearsing for that moment for months. If not years. Getting my mind right. Coming to terms with the inevitable. Grieving ahead of time in hopes that maybe it would […]

If I got all nostalgic for the 30th anniversary of the Mac last week, it only seems fitting that I’m doing some thinking about the 10th anniversary of Facebook today. Did I make the movie from my Timeline? You bet. Did it do a little number on me? Of course it did. Doesn’t take much […]

A good friend of mine got a piglet last fall. She posted a picture of the adorable little thing on Facebook. There she was in her little crate with the caption “Our newest addition”. So flipping cute I could hardly get over it. They live out in the country on more acreage than I can […]

It turns out that it’s much easier to start a blog than it is to actually keep one. My goal last summer was to not become the cliche writer who starts a blog and busts out a few posts like it’s no big thing and then disappears from the face of the planet. But that’s […]

September 11 is one of those days that requires no preface. You were there. You remember it. And while it is a common experience we all share, we each have our own different version of how everything played out that day and in the months and weeks that followed. This is actually the first year […]

If you happened to turn on the Internet at all yesterday, then you know for a fact that the most important thing happening in the world right now is Miley Cyrus’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. It was shocking. And scandalous. And edgy. And if some reports are correct, she even upstaged Lady Gaga, […]